I’m pretty sure that today’s blog title has been inspired by a Dr. Seuss quote somewhere… and if not, it should be!

With buzzwords today like “authenticity” and the ideas of being vulnerable to the world, sharing your struggles, is the temptation to compare your reality with someone else’s social media life still as much an issue as it once was?

I think so.

Almost every week I see someone – whether they be a client or a friend – who is feeling down because they’re not feeling “good enough” or successful enough. When I ask them what they’re using as a measuring tool (what “enough” is to them in that moment), about 98% of the time social media plays a factor. Either they’re commenting on colleagues in their industry “having more clients than they know what to do with” while they’re struggling to fill their weeks, or they’re seeing someone else’s ability to travel and live a certain lifestyle and wondering how they’re able to afford to do that while still earning an income.

It’s easy to get caught up in looking at social media as a window into someone’s truly personal life. But it’s not truly that’s person’s life… at least not in its entirety. It’s a curated version of that life… the best moments, the highlight reel, the happy times and the celebrations. Even the struggles that are shared are posted with a purpose.

Do you know you’re someone who gets stuck comparing yourself to others but don’t know how to stop?

Here are a few tips to curb the habit:

  1. don’t fall into the rabbit hole of social media feeds too often. The less you see, the less tempted you’ll be to compare. Use that time instead to make things happen in your own life.
  2. if there’s a particular person you find you’re always comparing yourself to (maybe a colleague in the same industry), unfollow or hide their feeds so you see less of their posts
  3. create your OWN news feed of everything you would like to be posting about, and use it as a vision board to work toward. Want that vacation? Too many clients to serve? That new car? Instead of viewing them on someone else’s feed, visualize you celebrating those milestones!

Yes, you may still feel yourself comparing… but remember to keep everything in perspective. Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20. If they’ve been at the game a lot longer, of course they’re going to be further along. If they’ve got 3 kids and you’ve only just had your first, of course they’ve had more experience and likely know a few tricks to make it look easy. Or if they have a completely different business that generates revenue differently than yours does, of course their ideas of success will be different than yours. If they want to be the next Oprah, and you just want to build a comfortable life that allows you to do what you love everyday and enjoy what you want, they’re ambitions and drive are going to be very different than yours.

So if you get caught comparing your reality to someone else’s social media life, remember to simply BE YOU, because you are the you-est you you need to be.