It is the time of year when we sit back, enjoy a cup of our favourite beverage, and look back on the 12 months that have come before. What happened to help us reach (or not reach) or milestones and goals… the good, the bad, the ugly.

2016… How did it shape who I am today, my future goals and plans, and what did I learn from it?

So why not share my own reflections with the world? (or at least everyone willing to read this)

Quite frankly, there were some losses of personal relationships at the end of 2015 that kicked the year off on a sour note, but nothing that can’t be renewed when the time is right. I’m of the belief that if people don’t have a purpose to be with you anymore, the universe has it’s way (with your help) of allowing them to exit your life to allow them to bring purpose to others, and others to yours. It’s the old adage that people are in our lives for a reason or a season.

In the win column though, 2016 was a fantastic year. Reflecting back, I was able to exceed my personal revenue goals for business, develop new programs, work with inspiring and amazing entrepreneurs for the entire year as a consultant helping them achieve their goals. I sat back and asked myself…

“what truly made a difference in my business or my life this year?”

There isn’t one thing… no one potion that, if taken, business goals will be met and achieved.

For me though, it was a series of small decisions. Reprioritizing parts of my life that allowed me to let go and refocus energies where I needed them.

1… Re-allocating my time, I gave up a bit of my social “fun Jenn” self this year because I had some hardcore goals to make happen. I allowed myself to not always have to be everywhere doing everything with everyone. In order to achieve my business goals, I had to prioritize my business. Cool concept, huh? I released some volunteer commitments in exchange for a new, challenging, but less time-consuming one with Gillian’s Place as Board President.

2… I started putting myself first, realizing I’m not wonder woman (YES! I was as surprised to find that out as you are now!). What changes did I make? Simple really. I hired an occasional personal assistant to take over some “life” things: cleaning my house, some light clerical work, managing house appointments (i.e. trades coming to do any maintenance), and running personal errands for me.

See, I realized where my time was best spent… since I AM my business and my clients are paying for that valuable face to face time, I had to outsource all the other trivial things that someone else was perfectly capable of doing. Did I need to be sitting around “sometime between 1pm and 5pm” when the service technician was going to be coming by? No. That wasn’t a good use of my time.

3… I made the decision to invest in my health this year. There’d been things gnawing at me (you know the kind.. that ache that you blame on age, even though you’re only 35), and I never could take the time to get them checked out, and treated. What a change in trajectory that change made in my life. Despite it not having a direct influence to my reaching my goals for the year (I was well on my way to reaching them for the year), it sets me up for a totally epic 2017 of just… being a better me.

I have to give a few shout outs in the area of personal health investment because it can be such a small change that makes a world of difference, so I have to thank Agnes Apps of Reholistically Speaking for helping with my spiritual health, and Dr. Jane Lauermaier, Naturopathic Doctor, as well as Lisa Vandenberk of LV Physiotherapy for providing help in my physical health journey.

Do I feel like I’m all set now and can breeze through 2017?

Heck no. It’s a constant push to reach further and further ahead, but would I want it any other way, or with any other groups of people and clients? Definitely not!

A great quote I like to reflect on at times, since I’m not a traveller or one to really take vacations, is to build a life you don’t need a vacation from. I’m fortunate to be doing that.